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Al Bayan Kitchen Equipment LLC is one of the leading distributors of internationally respected heavy-duty equipment brands for food and bakery services, supermarkets, hotels, food & beverage services companies and from small to large range of businesses.
With our wide products variations, customization and project services, we have been considered as one of the high-end kitchen equipment suppliers in UAE and to the neighboring GCC countries.
The company’s product are mainly from Italy, France, Spain, and Belgium. Products are of high quality assurance from countries like USA. Aside from that, we also have products from Taiwan and China. We assist in building customer’s businesses by providing pre-sales support and after-sales service to bring a strong sense of reliability to all customers.
A business partnership with Al Bayan Kitchen Equipment LLC is truly the beginning of a lasting relationship that our customers can count on for coming years.

About us

Al Bayan Kitchen Equipment has been established in the year 2002. During first year operation the company has been considered as one of the high-end kitchen equipment suppliers. Our main showroom is strategically located at Salaheldeen Road, Deira,Dubai. As a result of efficient and successful operation, we had managed to establish a strong marketing arm in Dubai & Sharjah serving wide range of clients. The Company being managed by a highly experienced team could achieve a high standard of customer satisfaction.

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